17-49: Apple Muffins

My contribution to this year’s holiday baking (XMAS 16) consists of two recipes which include my favorite fruit: Apples! ? ? ?

I ended up multiplying this recipe by 3, which gave us more than enough apple muffins for the holiday gifts. ?

The notes on the front of the card are from Jamie’s mom. I made this recipe once before when I had a lot of apples laying around.

I chose the cinnamon option instead of the ginger option. It’s pretty obvious I made this recipe before, the card is filthy from the my last attempt. Spilling some batter on the card during mixing is unavoidable when I’m operating the mixer.

The ingredients shot, including an entire bag of apples which required lots of chopping. ?

In another example of using the wrong tool for the job, I sifted the powdered sugar, baking powder and salt in this fine mesh strainer.

Jamie showed me a great method for chopping and peeling apples which helped me get this done quickly. The SPRITTA is a life saver.

I mixed the milk and eggs together but forgot to take a picture so I snapped a photo of me stirring some milk in a bowl. I prepared to add the wet ingredients to the dry in the largest mixing bowl I could find.

Here’s a shot of the final batter after I added the apples, cinnamon, and hazelnuts. ?

To make sure I was being safe and preventing the spreading of germs, I used the two spoon method to dish out the batter into the muffin cups. This dough is super sticky, so I avoided touching it as much as possible.

A nice close up of the muffins cooling on a rack on the buffet table.

What a beautiful batch of muffins! I tried to get all 3 batches into this shot. The final haul was approximately 48 muffins. It was tough to dish out the batter to ensure the muffins would all come out the same size. Some were small, some were bulky. I like the ones with large apple chunks in them. The more apple, the better.


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