10-10: Roast Leg of Lamb

Due to some infestation-related activity long ago, the Lamb and Veal category suffered some minor liquid damage. Some of the cards are virtually unusable, but this card, 10-10: Roast Leg of Lamb is just slightly mangled.

Despite the condition of the card, this preparation of leg of lamb is one of the best I’ve ever had. ?

Every time I look at this illustration of the jar of mint jelly, it reminds me of a great quote from the Simpsons episode, The Great Money Caper. I saw this episode once in 2000, but the line has stuck in my brain ever since.

The ingredient list for this recipe is short and I didn’t include the cornstarch because I didn’t have time to make a gravy on the night I made this.

Yummy! When you put the garlic inside of the meat in a small cavity, the smell and oil of the garlic permeates the meat and enhances the lamb flavor.

Mmm…lots of thyme, salt, and pepper! I placed the lamb onto the rack to go into the oven.

Medium-rare! This roast came out great. Jamie and I ate some roast while I was cooking something else. When I reheated this roast, it was cooked through just barely well-done. ?