7-8: Chinese Pork Casserole

Whosoever it was that the editors of Simply Delicious hired to name these dishes deserves some kind of award.  And the award for naming-the-most-dishes-a-casserole-that-are-not-actually-a-casserole goes to….SIMPLY DELICIOUS. A casserole is defined as “a kind of stew or side dish that is cooked slowly in an oven.” 7-8: Chinese Pork Casserole is cooked relatively fast on a stove top. Doesn’t exactly sound like a casserole to me.

This recipe card is great because it basically teaches you to make a version of Chop Suey at home.

It is suggested to use canned pineapple chunks, however as you’ll see below, I only had crushed pineapple. ?

The ingredients for this dish are simple. This dish comes together because of all the preparation. Lots of chopping is involved. ?

Editor’s note: There’s an unneeded green bell pepper in this picture…it was realized after the picture was taken that it was superfluous, so it was not included in the actual dish. I think we got hung up with the green onions somewhere. 

Chopped pork and green onion go into the pan on top of melted butter.

The pork got nice and browned in the skillet.

Following the card, I dusted the pork with flour and stirred.

Pouring broth into the pan and stirring to create a thick sauce.

Here’s what the pork mixture looks like after 20 minutes of simmering on the burner.

Pouring the cream into the dish.

I also added the crushed pineapple at this time.

While the sauce is heating through, I cooked a package of quinoa in the microwave.

The final dish served on top of quinoa with a smattering of parsley on top. Next time I make a chop suey-style dish like this, I’d chop the pieces of meat smaller. Cooking this dish was quick and easy, similar to something I would cook during the week when I want to make a quick meal.