9-3: Herb Garden Meat Patties

Finally, an interesting take on the ground meat patty. Let’s spice things up by adding fresh garden herbs with 9-3: Herb Garden Meat Patties! ?

I’ve tried burgers with added spices before. Here’s yet another Simply Delicious suggestion for preparing flavorful meat patties.

The TIPS section is indeed correct, ground pork is available at my local supermarket.

Here’s the ingredients for these herbaceous patties, including fresh cilantro (for garnish).

The marbling in the ground pork is beautiful. I put the pork in the bowl and added rosemary, salt, pepper, and paprika.

In this step, I added onions and mixed the ground pork mixture together.

The instructions really helped in this case. It was easy to divide the pork into 12 even portions, ready to squish into patties.

Here’s some melted butter. You’ve got to lubricate the pan to prevent the patties from sticking and this also adds flavor to the final product.

To prevent overcrowding, I put 6 patties into the pan at a time.

After a few minutes, I flipped the patties and saw the wonderful color underneath.

The patties look even better after another flip and some more time in the melted butter.

Now that all the patties are all browned, I put them all into the pan to cook through on a lower heat.

Cover the pan while the patties cook internally. The steam helps them cook evenly inside.

In a mixing bowl, I start to prepare a mixture to stand in for heavy cream. I poured in some milk and added sour cream.

It’s easy to create a thickened milk by beating the sour cream and milk together. This thicker concoction will reduce better into a pan sauce.

When I added the milk to the pan drippings, the pork drippings created dark streaks in the faux cream. The sauce gets darker as it cooks.

I’m very curious why Simply Delicious asked the reader to put down a bed of cilantro on the serving platter, but it makes for a lovely photo. When you eat the cilantro and patty together, it does add to the herbaceous flavor to the overall bite. Combined with the creamy sauce, these Herb Garden Meat Patties make a great meal anytime!