3-21: Broccoli-Celery Soup

Jamie made this recipe, 3-21: Broccoli-Celery Soup, for me before on a mild Christmas Eve. ?? We were living in Glendale at the time, it doesn’t exactly get cold there. ❄

(Editor’s noteI didn’t make this on Christmas Eve–my mom did. I don’t know which Christmas Eve, but that’s definitely her writing. I did however, make this when we lived in Glendale, CAand he’s right about that–it doesn’t get that cold there.)

I really enjoyed the soup the first time around, so I took my own shot at cooking this recipe.

I followed the tip in the tips section, but I used an immersion blender instead of a food processor. I didn’t enjoy eating the soup chilled as suggested.

Some of my favorite ingredients…broccoli, potatoes, celery….They all seem so ordinary, but with some butter and chicken bouillon, it all tastes great.

Chopped broccoli florets and the upper section of the stem chopped into pieces.

Chopped celery goes in the pot after the butter is heated up.

When the celery got soft, I added garlic and red pepper flakes. These ingredients add a lot of flavor to the dish.

The black bits are burnt green onion. ? I didn’t chop enough onion for the dish and my soup lacked some onion flavor. Chopped potatoes go in next, along with the chicken stock.

Next I added in the broccoli stems and bring it back to a boil. The stems take longer to cook than the florets.

I blended the soup with the immersion blender and added the broccoli florets to cook.

Immersion blenders are really fun to use. I blended some of the bigger florets to create a good consistency for my soup.

Finally, the shredded cheese is added into the soup.

The final product. A delicious, hearty soup that does not hold well in the refrigerator. I pulled this soup out a day or two later and it was a broccoli and potato gelatin mold. ? Yuck.