9-5: Modern-Style Hamburger

Simply Delicious has provided a plethora of burger recipes for me to try, like 9-15: Peppercorn Beef Burgers and this recipe, 9-5: Modern-Style Hamburger. I like to cook these on the electric griddle because I can cook the entire batch off at once and they all cook evenly.

I tend to prefer burgers that are dinner sized. These burgers are more like sliders or a thin lunch style burger. ?

The tip was very relevant this time. The burger meat must be mixed very quickly because it gets runny really fast. I put my bowl in the refrigerator to chill the beef mixture before I formed the patties. ❄

It’s always important to gather all your ingredients before starting to cook. Cooking with mise en place helps the process go very smooth.

In the bowl, I poured in the milk, squeezed the ground beef from the freezer storage bag, chopped the green onion, measured the beef bouillon, and added a dash of salt and pepper. My mix was runny so I set it aside to chill and washed my hands. After a few minutes, I formed the patties and set up the electric griddle.

(Editor’s note: It’s important to note that green onions and chives are different things–we didn’t have any chives and this seemed the closest substitute.)

Cooking on the electric griddle is fun. ? This bad boy heats up within 30 seconds of being plugged in.

On the opposite side from the beef, I toasted some buttered bread to serve the burger patties on.

Jamie put this artistic plate together to showcase this simple, modern-style hamburger.

Yummy, bite-sized burgers. Being served with no crusts on small pieces of toast gave these sliders an appetizer feel. These burgers were juicy and flavorful. ? All I needed was a side of fries and my night would be complete. ?