6-2: Fiery Chicken Casserole

The whole time I was making 6-2: Fiery Chicken Casserole, I had this image in my head because I thought my sauce came out wrong. My sauce was light colored and the chicken in the photo shows a crispy, golden skin. If you look hard at the bowl in the upper left corner, you can see the white sauce that the authors described.

My version of the casserole came out a lot differently than the image shown on the card and didn’t taste very “fiery”. This dish would need a lot more heat to be considered “fiery”. ?

I should have cut fresh chilies and put them in my dish. That would have given this dish enough spice! ?

Check out those ingredients. I substituted sour cream for the crème fraîche in this recipe.

Rinsing and drying your poultry is important. If the poultry is wet, the skin won’t get crispy when you cook the chicken.

With the butter and some oil (so the butter won’t burn) in the hot pan, I put the chicken into the pan and started browning all the sides.

After the chicken was brown on all sides, I added the onion and spices and kept cooking the chicken for a while.

Here’s where I feel it went weird. I feel like the crème fraîche would create a smoother sauce. I substituted lactose-free sour cream because lactose-free crème fraîche cannot exist. Anything made solely from cream inherently has a lot of lactose. The sauce remained thick even, so I didn’t spoon a lot of sauce onto my final picture. My sauce was thick and onion-y.

I served this chicken casserole that was not cooked in a casserole dish with a side of quinoa. It tasted great and made for a hearty dinner. I wouldn’t choose to make chicken this way again, I prefer grilled or baked chicken. The cleanup is usually easier. This dish left lots of white splortches all over the cooking surface of the oven. Saucy dishes have a tendency to get messy when I’m cooking them.