1-9: Four Seasons Pizza

1-9: Four Seasons Pizza is a weird little pizza. This appetizer uses ingredients from the 4 different seasons (from my interpretation): ham for spring, olives for summer, mushroom for autumn, and shrimp for winter. The marinated artichoke heart in the middle reminded me of the sun. ?

As I stated in the 13-11: Vegetarian Pizza post, I do enjoy pizza. I made these 4 small pizzas and was able to freeze 2 of them whole to eat later. ?

No tips were followed in the making of this recipe. I enjoyed the light and fluffy crust that you get when you follow the recipe.

(Editor’s note: I [Jamie] made a few versions of this pizza for our engagement party back in August 2010–we were going to Italy for our honeymoon and so I made a bunch of different Italian dishes, including tiramisu cupcakes and top-your-own mini-panna cottas.)

The dough ingredients all together.

Similar to a few other dough recipes, here’s another example where I started the yeast in a mixing bowl.

I added the flour into the bowl and started mixing with my hands. I rolled the dough out and set it out to rise. While the dough was rising, I prepared the pizza ingredients.

I collected the ingredients from the refrigerator and the pantry.

Chopped ham and chopped mushroom are some of my favorite toppings!

The other ingredients didn’t require as much chopping, just open the can/jar and place on the pizza.

I could fit 2 pizzas per pan. After rolling out the dough, I put on the sauce. The recipe said to put a layer of cheese before putting the toppings on these pies, which is actually good pizza technique.

I ignored the instruction, but I can tell you the final pizza was fantastic.

Following the diagram, I laid out the 4 ingredients in the 4 quadrants of the pizza.

Next you drop a crap-ton of cheese on top while praying your pizza comes out alright.

The final pizza before I cut into it. I cut this pizza two ways, one following the quadrants and one splitting the quadrants. The photo below shows the version cut along the quadrants. I really liked eating the the pizza that had split quadrants. It’s like eating 4 different pizzas: Mushroom and Ham, Ham and Olive, Olive and Shrimp, Shrimp and Mushroom.

I would totally serve this at my next social gathering. They are very tasty and light. I would cut the pieces smaller if serving to a lot of people.