5-12: Deviled Eggs

5-12: Deviled Eggs is somewhat different take on a pretty traditional dish. Deviled eggs are very commonplace in American cuisine, and there are varying reasons for the name.

5-12 Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs (to me) usually have mustard and mayo mixed with the yolks, and some paprika sprinkled on top. These eggs have NONE of those things (except the egg parts).

5-12 Deviled Eggs1

I was drawn to this version because I love capers. My favorite breakfast is lox and bagels with capers, onions, and cream cheese. I don’t know if my mom ever made this version–I think she would’ve went with the more traditional ingredients.


Ingredients. I omitted the lettuce leaves for two reasons:

  1. I don’t like garnish that isn’t intended to be eaten with the dish. It’s wasteful and passé.
  2. I didn’t have any.


Hard-boiled eggs have always been a struggle for me. However, now that I have to constantly boil 12-16 eggs at a time for work, I’ve HAD to get better. This method from the Kitchn is similar to how I’ve been successfully cooking eggs: start with the eggs in the cold water and let them come up to temperature WITH the water. When it gets to boiling, pull them, let them sit for a few minutes, and then shock them with a cold water bath to be able to shell them easily later on.


Egg #1: Perfect. YES. This is gonna be easy. Now, I took out some insurance, as I often do when I cook eggs–I made more than I intended to use, because often, you will have one or two that don’t peel right.

It’s a good thing I made 8.


Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out. I’ll get better. Just have to cook more eggs. MORE EGGS.


I cooked 8, and successfully peeled and cut 4. All I needed was 4, but I was glad I had those extras.


The back of a spoon makes a great egg yolk masher.


The other 2 ingredients. Deviled egg filling is usually a consistent texture–this one has chunks in it. You COULD run the whole thing through a processor or blender if you wanted it more uniform, though.


Final product. I took the liberty of sprinkling a bit of ground pepper on top. I enjoyed it, my husband enjoyed it. I might make them again for myself, but I probably wouldn’t take them to a party–simply because I don’t want to hear the comments about how it’s not traditional deviled eggs.

Grade: B+