8-11: Sirloin Steak Baked In Foil

I have never cooked steak using the method in this recipe, 8-11: Sirloin Steak Baked in Foil, before and I probably would never cook them this way again. I like all the extra garnish, but it is a pain to cut and prepare that many vegetables for people to pick around to get to the main ingredient, the BEEF. ?

I used the red wine suggestion on the card, but I felt like I should have used beef broth to keep the beef-y flavor. This recipe also keeps a trend going, sticking with the foil pouch cooking method that Jamie used in the previous recipe on here, 6-25: Salmon-Filled Chicken Breasts.

Foil did keep the food moist, I can’t really attest to whether or not other nutrients were retained. The steak felt plenty nutritious to me.

Check out all those ingredients! Lots of vegetables to go with the steak packets.

Following the instructions, I melted the butter in a cast iron skillet and browned my trimmed sirloin beef in small batches.

In a separate skillet, I heated some butter and added my chopped onion.

When the onions and garlic were soft, I added the tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, paprika, salt, and pepper.

I scraped up the pan drippings and added the red wine and cooked it down for a few minutes.

I created the foil packets out of pop up foil sheets. This saved me from cutting up a lot of foil. Next time I would cut the beef down a little smaller and the beef would fit better in the packet.

I added the vegetables and broth to each packet and got ready to seal them all at the same time.

I kept the packets separated enough to keep the heat evenly distributed in the oven. The packets seal with ease and clean up in a snap. You can see the box of pop up foil in the background.

The steam coming off this hunk of beef was like a bovine perfume. The vegetables formed something similar to a stew around the medium-well done beef. The broth helped to tenderize this tough cut of meat.