5-13: Italian Easter Pie

? The Easter Bunny has come early this year and he’s brought 5-13: Italian Easter Pie! I prefer the Cadbury Bunny to the Easter Bunny, but I’ll eat this pie any day.

This dish is certainly elegant and delicious, I’ve never made a Torta Pasqualina before. Now I can check it off the list. ✅

I made this dish before the 16-4: Blueberry Pie. The crust from this recipe is prepared differently, it contains more water. I did have the same problem with the 10-inch pie pan, too much pan, not enough crust to make the top.

The ingredients for both the crust and filling. I needed a lot more butter than shown in this image.

The crust is really easy to make in the food processor. I added the butter, flour, salt, egg yolk, and water into the bowl and started pulsing. 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰

When the dough ball came off the side of the bowl, I scooped it out and stashed it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes while I prepped the pie filling.

I chopped the broccoli and put it all into a measuring cup. I use glass because I’m cooking the broccoli in the microwave. Jamie taught me that broccoli generally takes 3 minutes 30 seconds.

Melting butter to sauté the ham.

Delicious ham chunks in melted butter are delicious.

I did my best to lay out the broccoli florets to match the photo on the recipe card. I couldn’t tell if I should cut the slices around the florets or between the florets.

With a splash of half and half and flour in the pan, the sauce started forming nicely. ? The sauce required a lot of stirring to remove any lumps.

Crumble a bouillon cube? No need when you have powdered bouillon. Just a spoonful will do!

I added the beaten eggs and Parmesan cheese last and stir well. The filling is now ready to go into the pie crust.

Pouring the filling around the broccoli, this pie is starting to look an awful lot like a quiche.

With the scraps of dough I had left, I attempted to make a criss cross pattern across the top. I patched together the lines as best I could. ? YAY, NOT USING THE CORRECT SIZED PAN!

Fresh out of the oven, the top looks golden brown and delicious.

Should I have cut through the broccoli or around the broccoli? I enjoy the cross section of the broccoli that I got in this shot of the final product. This pie tastes identical to a quiche, but it doesn’t require heavy cream which is a big plus for me! ➕