12-5: Greek Rice

Here’s a healthier option–some of the last few have been more on the indulgent side. Don’t get me wrong–there’s plenty more indulgence to come. 12-5: Greek Rice is a nice vegetarian option for a party, picnic, or just an everyday meal. I’m not entirely sure what makes it “Greek”, but we’ll go with it.

What else can I say–it’s just not that exciting. The final dish actually ends up similar to what Americans call Spanish rice, but with more veggies and a somewhat tangy flavor. If that interests you, read on.

This is actually a vegan recipe–the only questionable part might be the veggie stock you use, but as long as that’s good, this is dairy/egg/gluten free as well. I tagged this as a good party food recipe since there’s not too many people that couldn’t eat this (unless you have a sensitivity to tomatoes, onion, bell peppers, or garlic).

Ingredients. I was too lazy to blanch tomatoes, so I’m going with the canned ones. It might change the flavor/consistency a bit, but I’ll take it over having to deal with the boiling/peeling process.

Getting some color on the onions.

Adding in the chopped bell peppers. Realized halfway through that they were supposed to be slices.

At least the green ones are right.

Stirring in the uncooked rice.

Adding in the tomatoes & broth.

Much more liquidy now. This will cook down into the rice, for the most part.

Up to a boil.

After cooking the rice & veggies, I seasoned it and stirred in the peas.

Final dish, with a bit of parsley on top for garnish. Like I said at the top, it’s like a tangy, veggie-filled Spanish rice. If you dig that, you’ll dig this.

Grade: B+