13-12: Eggplant-Rice Casserole

13-12: Eggplant-Rice Casserole is a heavier preparation of eggplant than my other eggplant recipe, 13-16: Arabian Moussaka, this rice and eggplant dish is two, two, two dishes in one. I’ll show myself out for that dumb, old reference… ?

There were lots of colors in this dish: purple ?, orange, green, yellow, white, and a few shades of beige.

I had a longer eggplant like the one pictured in the illustrations on the card, but the skin was dull and wrinkly. ? Quite the opposite from what the “TIPS” section describes.

Ingredients shot including the squat, smooth, shiny eggplant that we got in our CSA box. ?

Onions and red peppers get easier to chop with each recipe I cook from the Simply Delicious collection.

A pan full of sautéed onions and peppers. These aromatic ingredients give the rice a deeper, earthy flavor.

Now we add some ingredients into the pan: Rice, one basil leaf, ground cinnamon (did not have stick form available), and curry powder (by accident, this ingredient is used in the eggplant part, not the rice).

Poured the water into the pan and left this to simmer on the heat for a while while the rice cooks.

In another pan I added oil, chopped onion, garlic, almonds, and chopped eggplant. After I took this photo, I realized I needed to check my other pan.

The rice came out slightly burnt. This has happened to me a few times. It can be difficult to control the heat on our stove. ?

When the eggplant has cooked down for a while, it was time to make the sauce. I added the raisins and ginger, followed by a heaping helping of lactose-free sour cream.

I let this simmer for a while. Eventually, the lactose-free sour cream breaks down down a little bit, but it hardly melts into a sauce-ish consistency.

The final product has two distinct layers: rice and eggplant casserole. This dish is super filling and delicious. I took this photo in a clear bowl so you can see all the different colors of this dish.