16-45: Colonial Apple Cake

Looking for a way to use up some apples? ? ? 16-45: Colonial Apple Cake is an easy way to do that with some very classic-looking results. This even looks like something American colonists would have eaten (take it from a former U.S. history teacher).

16-45 Colonial Apple Cake

I made this to take to a get-together, but it’d even be nice as a simple birthday cake or for a dinner party.

EDIT: 16-45: Raspberry Tartlettes is also #45 for Group 16–someone at Simply Delicious messed up their numbering.

16-45 Colonial Apple Cake1

This cake FINALLY got me to go and buy a 2nd 9-inch round cake pan (I’ve been holding out for over a decade, modifying recipes whenever confronted with the problem). Now I can finally make a proper layered round cake!


Ingredients. The apples were Braeburn I believe, and chopped up in advance as part of the mise en place for this recipe.


Pans (new and old) are greased and floured.


Most cakes, cookies, etc., start with creaming the butter and sugar and often adding in the eggs after (if used).


This technique gives your baked goods a lighter, airier texture.


Adding the dry ingredients to the creamed butter/sugar/egg mixture. Here’s where you want to switch from your whisk attachment to your paddle attachment, if using a stand mixer. Otherwise, your whisk will just get all gunked up with the flour.


A familiar picture from my Instagram a few weeks ago–here’s adding in the good stuff.


Filling my TWO cake pans. You’ll have to forgive me–I’m still getting used to being a person who owns more than one cake pan. I have dozens of wooden spoons, measuring cups–but held out on the cake pan.


Whipping up my cream (switch back to the whisk when you reset/clean the mixer).


Here’s one of the layers–it came out great! The other, however…


…this one was less than great. This was the OLD pan, so maybe I should have gotten two new pans? Oh well, this is a frosted layer cake–this ugly part will be easy enough to hide under layers of whipped cream.


Still doesn’t look that great–the outside covering will hopefully fix that.


Toasted up the whole pecans.


Chopped up all but a dozen or so to cover the sides.


Whole v. chopped.


Final picture. The last three pictures (as well as most of the decoration) were done by my husband–he stepped in to finish for me while I was busy with something else. He did a great job decorating it, and the recipients at the get-together loved it.

Grade: B+