14-12: Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce

Happy New Year! For 2016, I decided to start the year off making something happen that I’ve been intending to do for a while: migrate this blog to its own site and off of Tumblr. I’m still going to crosspost to Tumblr, but all new entries will be natively posted here on simplydeliciouscookbook.com.

My first entry of 2016 and on my new site will also introduce a new category: Hot Desserts. This recipe is 14-12: Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce, and these pictures are actually from Thanksgiving 2015. It took me a while to get back to this one after the holiday baking extravaganza in December.

I made this as my Thanksgiving dessert contribution–both my dad and husband LOVE bread pudding. This one came out a bit strange, but that’s mostly due to poor pan choice.

I don’t think we ever made this one before, but I did borrow the rum for this from my mom, so does that count?

Ingredients. This was a special bread pudding because the bread I made was from scratch–a secret recipe that I learned during my restaurant tenure in the recent past. I used coconut oil instead of butter in this recipe–a rather successful attempt at converting it to a more lactose-free-friendly dessert.

Here’s my homemade loaf. I also used this bread in a stuffing recipe I made for Thanksgiving–maybe I’ll write that one down for next year and post it. The stuffing recipe, not the bread–I couldn’t give that one away. 😉

Use a smaller pan than 9″ x 13″– that’s way too big. 8″ x 8″ would be fine, or anything in that range. Using too big a pan (like I did) results in it being way too spread out and thin. Not being a bread pudding connoisseur, I neglected to consider that detail.

Topped with the coconut & raisins.

Egg mixture in a trusty glass measuring cup (my favorite egg beating container).

Before baking. This mixture BARELY covers the bottom of the pan–way too thin.

Coconut oil whipped up with powdered sugar. Left it to stand as instructed.

…Time passes

Out of the oven. Looks nice, but still way too thin.

Heating up the coconut oil/powdered sugar mixture.

Egg yolks (with a teeny bit of unintended whites) to add into oil/sugar mixture.

So far, the coconut oil seems to work as well as butter for this recipe, and lends an extra coconutty flavor to it (which it already has with the coconut flakes in it).

Final rum sauce…looks pretty legit to me. Tasted good too.

Final picture from our Thanksgiving dessert buffet. Tasted great, but like I said, use a smaller pan. If you want to cut butter and use coconut oil (you could swap the regular milk for coconut milk too), it works really well here.

Grade: A