2-17: Spicy Potato Salad

This was an accompaniment to 12-11: Italian Macaroni & Cheese when I went to a get-together recently. 2-17: Spicy Potato Salad is similar to a German potato salad in style–it uses vinegar & spices as the dressing instead of mayonnaise.

The main difference between this version and most traditional German potato salads is that this one lacks bacon. But if you miss the bacon that much, feel free to go crazy and add it on back in there.

Here’s another integral use of paprika–I discussed in 19-10: Dried Herbs & Spices I that paprika is used in a lot of recipes. This one uses both paprika and curry powder–here’s why you want to have a stocked pantry!

Ingredients. I used bottled lemon juice for fresh and sweet hot mustard for sweet. I also added a bit of Italian seasoning and some extra salt to make up for herb salt–seems to be close enough according to Google.

Ingredients before adding oil to emulsify.

After streaming through the top while running the processor. Don’t add too much or it’ll break, and don’t let it run too long or it’ll break. There’s a good rhythm, and with practice it’s totally doable.

Comes out to just over a cup of dressing.

Dicing potatoes is a cinch after doing 20 lbs. of them a week in less than an hour for Sunday NFL brunch at the restaurant last year. Here’s where I deviated from the recipe–I don’t want to try to peel cooked potatoes. Obviously they shouldn’t be mashed potato consistency either way, but it just seems easier to peel them first and just keep an eye on them.

Boiling up the water.

Potatoes after boiling. Still cubes. Seems to have worked out. Feel free to peel them first, and just make sure they don’t get too tender. Simple as that.

Added in the diced onion. They don’t specify what kind of onion to use, but if I did it again, I’d probably do it with a red onion instead of a yellow onion.

Added spices to dressing.

Poured dressing over salad (and partially on the floor by accident).

Mixed and packed up for transport to my party. Sprinkled a little extra paprika and parsley on top for color. 2-17: Spicy Potato Salad and 12-11: Italian Macaroni & Cheese were both big hits, and are great for any party you might be going to this holiday season or anytime.

Grade: A