1-14: Avocado Halves with Spicy Shrimp

I don’t make appetizers very often, so I made 1-14: Avocado Halves with Spicy Shrimp for us to eat as a snack while cooking other dishes. ?

I was lacking lettuce at the time, so my dish was served on a platter instead of a bed of crispy lettuce.

The TIPS section gives good advice about the ripeness of avocados. My avocados were not ripe enough. They were firm and difficult to work with at the time and I didn’t want to wait a few more days to make this dish.

The ingredients are so colorful. Lots of yellow, green, red, pink, and purple.

The shrimp were frozen so I cooked them in water to thaw them to the core.

In a separate bowl, I prepped the ingredients for the shrimp salad. Very colorful.

The shrimp goes into the salad at the end. I took this photo before stirring to combine the salad.

These avocados would be a lot more green if they were ripe. The yellow of the lemon in the garnishes will stand out nicely among the creamy yellow-green of the avocado.

The final image of the dish was shown without the garnish on top so the shrimp salad can shine through. This dish would make a nice appetizer for a romantic dinner, not so much for a party, because you still need a knife and fork to eat it without getting messy.