4-12: Cheesy Sliced Baked Potatoes

Here’s a yummy take on baked potatoes. These have been done before, but I’ve seen them referred to as hasselback potatoes.

4-12 Cheesy Sliced Baked Potatoes

Most of the hasselback potato recipes you’ll find don’t have cheese on top, so props to Simply Delicious for thinking outside the potato box. Or bag, as it were.

4-12 Cheesy Sliced Baked Potatoes1

I don’t think my mom made these (no notations), but I’ve made other variations for her and she dug them. Not that it matters, but she’s picky and she liked them, so take that for what it’s worth.

Ingredients. Used whole wheat panko for the breadcrumbs, because that’s what I had. I do love to stack potatoes, though.


Naked potatoes. I’m a good peeler now–a few months of working Sunday brunches and having to break down 20 lbs of potatoes in a VERY short amount of time has made me a peeling machine.

Here’s my invention for not cutting all the way through the potato–the key is the bands and the spacer-ginger. Those keep the chopsticks from flying out from under the potato as soon as you put your knife into it.


The suggested serving size is 2 potatoes per person–this seems a bit excessive. They do store well though, so if you get potato fatigue, you can always save the rest for another day.


Putting the old butter melter to work. Why are all my kitchen tools so old? Oh that’s right–I inherited it all from my mom who wanted new stuff. Whatever–my stuff still works and she’s constantly lamenting how the new stuff isn’t as good as the old stuff.


Pouring the butter on–I tried to take this as an action shot, but it is DAMN hard to take a left-handed shot with a DSLR camera while doing something with your right hand.


Sprinkled with freshly dried herbs (some of my own Italian seasoning blend from our recent herb harvests) and ready for the first round in the oven.


After the first bake through. You can see how much crunchier they look.


Back into the oven with the cheese on top.


After the second round with the cheese on top. Now they look even crunchier.


Final plating. They’re awfully good–if you don’t try this method, at least try the ones I linked on top.

Grade: A