8-6: Quickly Sautéed Beef and Peppers

Another day, another Simply Delicious “quick” dinner recipe featuring some sort of creamy sauce with mustard in it. This particular version is 8-6: Quickly Sautéed Beef and Peppers–I bet you can figure out the basic gist of this recipe just from the title.

They REALLY need you to know how quick this dish is–it’s not only in the title, it’s also in the description. Pepper steak is not a new concept, and is not too far off from this recipe in terms of ingredients and prep. Whip up some rice to serve it with, and you’ve got yourself a QUICK and easy dish.

In the TIPS, they suggest adding peppers if you need to stretch the meat–I haven’t eaten real meat in a while, but I hear the prices are pretty high these days. You can always add extra veggies if you need more bulk in any dish, not just this one–something to consider as we enter yet another year of “unusual” circumstances.

Ingredients. I’m using homemade “beaf” instead of the real stuff, so there’s another way to cut costs. Since I’ve got a fair amount of beaf, I’ll stick with just one pepper. I have some fake bacon as well (although I’m not a huge fan of this particular brand/version) and some fake sour cream and butter to make the whole thing technically vegan. They don’t tell you what kind of mustard to use, so I chose to use some local stuff I found on a recent Grocery Outlet excursion.

Sautéeing the “bacon”–fake bacon is REALLY hard to get right, but I’m actually digging this type (Hooray Foods) I’ve been getting from our weekly grocery box. If you cook it just right, it really scratches that “BACON” itch like nothing else I’ve tried since I gave up the real stuff. The stuff I show above you can find in most grocery stores, but it’s still too “grainy” for me.

After breaking up the bacon into bits. It’ll work for this recipe, but I’m still not a huge fan of it as bacon on its own.

My beaf is currently in “steak” form, so I’ll have to slice it up first before I can cook it.

Sautéeing the “beaf” strips. Don’t worry, I made sure to do it…quickly.

Added in the peppers–looks like the beaf is getting some nice color on it.

Now it’s time for spices and mustard.

And finally, the sour cream.

I suppose that looks appetizing…

Final plate, with rice. It’s like Asian pepper steak with a French spin? It’s not my favorite Simply Delicious dish, but it works as a quick, relatively cheap dinner on a weeknight.

Grade: B