2-7: Coleslaw

Happy New Year! I recently posted about finding a NEW (to me) Simply Delicious book at a local thrift store, so we’ll start this new year off with the first recipe I’m going to cover from that batch of new recipes, 2-7: Coleslaw. A lot of these recipes fill “gaps” in the collection I already had, and this one is no exception. Coleslaw is a pretty well-known dish, and it’s probably one of the only instances where I enjoy cabbage.

Simply Delicious suggests you can eat coleslaw with just about anything, and they may not be too far off with that claim. Not only can you eat it with a sandwich, you can even put it IN the sandwich.

They don’t specify what kind of cabbage to use in the recipe list itself, but the TIPS suggest you can use red and white cabbage. I think a blend of both (with the addition of the also-mentioned carrots) is what you usually see in “traditional” coleslaw mixes.

Ingredients. I chose to include some carrots, and also chose a way-too-old-and-should-have-been-thrown-out pineapple salad vinegar for my vinegar choice. I think an apple cider or red wine vinegar would have been a better choice, in hindsight.

No cabbage variation, just one absolute unit courtesy of the CSA box. Speaking of absolute units, I also found another use for the giant bottle of sunflower oil I bought for 2-22: Salad Bar with Warm Dressing.

Chopping cabbage. Doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as broccoli.

Yes, I’m old.

Breaking down the onion so it will fit in the food processor.

Excuse the purple cutting board in some of these shots–I’m not using it for allergen purposes, I just like the color, size, and grippy feet.

Food processor makes quick work of the cabbage, onion, and carrots.

Soaking the whole thing in ice water, as directed.

While it drains. I should have put it through the salad spinner, that probably would have worked even better.

Mixing up the slaw dressing. This is just a simple oil/vinegar dressing, but I tend to like a creamier slaw dressing (like KFC).

The final step–combining dressing with vegetables.

Final plate, including decorative parsley garnish. I think this particular one would have been better with a better vinegar choice (I had to throw most of it out), but overall it’s a serviceable (yet somewhat boring) coleslaw recipe. Considering there’s a million coleslaw recipes out there, I don’t know if Simply Delicious’ take on it is all that revolutionary.

Grade: B