14-24: Wine-Baked Apples

Yet another apple dessert recipe for you today. I made 14-24: Wine-Baked Apples at the same time as 14-2: Apple Strudel, since if I’m going through the work of breaking down apples, I’m getting at least two entries out of it.

The blurb above mentions this being a “new” way to bake apples–it doesn’t seem that far off from the “oldways, to be quite honest.

If you need to avoid almonds, you can swap breadcrumbs in the filling as the TIPS suggest.

Ingredients. Almonds will get chopped up, but slivered gets us close enough. No lemon today, the orange will have to do.

Apples are peeled and cored. I kept the stem part as noted, although they cored theirs from the bottom and I went from the top (saving the stem as a “lid”).

Putting the filling ingredients together.

Packing the cored hole tight with filling.

Apples in their baking pan, with the tops gently resting on there. They suggest 4, but I’m only making two.

Adding the extra brown sugar after the first bake.

After baking. I’m not a huge baked apple fan, but if you are, this one is pretty easy.

Grade: B+