1-2: Marinated Stuffed Avocado

Avocados have been a pretty big part of my culinary life up until now, but that’s probably because they’re pretty hard to avoid here in California. However, my experiences are usually closer to some nice fresh guacamole or some avocado toast–1-2: Marinated Stuffed Avocado was relatively new territory for me.

I suppose it’s not unheard of, it’s just not something I think to do. I may try it again, maybe with some different ingredients. Mushrooms are okay, but I much prefer them cooked rather than raw.

Even Simply Delicious mentions that you can swap ingredients. Since meat hasn’t really been on the menu for us lately, I suppose even that’s up for negotiation.

Ingredients. Since chicken’s what we’re supposed to be going for, chik’n will have to do.

Here’s how to do strips or nicely diced peppers.

Slicing mushrooms.

Microwaved the chik’n to fully defrost it.

These avocados are really nice. They’re slightly underripe, but that’ll help them hold their shape when I cut up the flesh into cubes. If you find yourself with extra avocados (hey, it happens), try 1-14: Avocado Halves with Spicy Shrimp or 2-34: Avocado-Parmesan Salad.

I like to slice the avocado in the shell and then slide it out with a spoon. During my restaurant tenure, I made a LOT of Cobb salads (sometimes 6-8 at one time, close to 50 in a shift per day) and I got quite good at taking apart avocados and cubing them up.

Mixing up the veggies.

Diced up the defrosted chik’n. If I didn’t tell you it wasn’t real, would you honestly be able to tell (or care)?

All stuffing ingredients combined. Now I need to make up the dressing.

Empty avocado shells waiting for stuffing. You can see the score lines where I cut the avocados while they were still in the shell.

Dressing ingredients–these are probably easiest to mix in a Pyrex measuring cup.

Looks like half the dishes in the Salads chapter.

Everything gets wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in the fridge for 30 minutes to marinate.

After marinating and stuffing. Makes a decent appetizer for 1989 and 2019, I suppose. Maybe these can be the next nostalgia sensation. Watch out, avocado toast.

Grade: A-