11-30: Sea Bass with Peppers

Here’s another seafood recipe: 11: 30: Sea Bass with Peppers. To me, fish and peppers are not the most logical combination, but these veggies are mostly a garnish to serve alongside a rockfish (instead of sea bass) fillet.

This is another dish where you can substitute the type of fish if you want–we split the rockfish filets between this recipe and the ones Jamie used for 11-21: Baked Whitefish with Shrimp.

Rockfish is a good substitute for sea bass. It is a lean, white fish as you’ll see below. There are great vegetable illustrations on this card.

While some of these ingredients (the basil especially) could stand to be a bit fresher, they’ll still be okay for cooking in this dish.

It was quick to put together the marinade. I basted the fish and put it on a broiling pan while I prepped the veggies.

So much slicing for something that will basically be used as a garnish. The colors are really pretty, the deep red and the vibrant orange are my favorite. I never had yellow peppers as a kid, my mom only ever bought green. She also wasn’t much of a fan of red peppers either…

Melted butter will imbue the almonds with lots of toasty, nutty flavour. This will make a great topping for the fish.

Toasted almonds are the best. I put these in a bowl and held them aside for topping the final dish.

The fish is broiling in the oven and finally, it is time to saute the vegetables in the pan until they are tender crisp.

Rockfish are generally available at Costco at a decent price, probably because they’re found in multiple oceans and they must be easy to catch. The fillets came out soft and tender, with a beautiful, golden brown crust. The vegetables were perfectly tender which complimented the crunch of the nutty, toasted almond topping. The limes were included as garnish, however, I always love a squirt of lime juice on a nicely cooked piece of fish. I enjoyed this dish and I was really glad I didn’t overcook the fillet.

Grade: A