5-16: Richmond Omelette

A lot of Simply Delicious‘ recipes are takes on already-established dishes, like 9-4: Swedish Meatballs, 2-13: Waldorf Salad or 3-2: New England Clam Chowder. I did a fair amount of searching for anything that resembled 5-16: Richmond Omelette, but besides some rankings of places to get a good omelette in Richmond, VA, there’s not much out there for that particular dish with that name. 

5-16 Richmond Omelette

I’ve put this one off for a while due to not having port wine on hand. After a trip to the store and a rather haughty store clerk who carded me for it despite the clearly visible gray streaks in my hair, I have the wine–let’s make a weird mushroom omelette-casserole with cheese sauce.

5-16 Richmond Omelette1

This recipe tries to be fancy by calling for Mornay sauce, which is just a fancy term for cheese sauce. If you’ve made mac and cheese from scratch with a cheese-infused Béchamel sauce, you’ve essentially made Mornay sauce.


Ingredients. I didn’t have broccoli, so mine will be slightly less colorful than intended. I can’t use whipping cream, so I use lactose-free milk thickened with a bit of lactose-free sour cream to get close.


I like to buy whole mushrooms and slice them myself–the ones that come pre-sliced are still always a bit too thick for my taste.


They may look crowded, but mushrooms often cook down to about half their initial size.


After adding the salt, port wine, and “cream” (lactose-free milk thickened with a bit of lactose-free sour cream).


Making the omelette portion.


Starting the mornay sauce.


Mornay sauce simmering while omelette finishes cooking.


Used the high sides of the pan to help me stuff and roll with minimal mess.


Close enough.


I have no broccoli, and my tomatoes are the cherry variety. Decided to cut them in halves and create a tomato border as my “garnish”.


Topped with cheese and ready to be broiled in the toaster oven.


After broiling–looks pretty decent.


A messy cross-section. It’s essentially a baked mushroom omelette with cheese sauce on top. Not a bad breakfast or lunch option, but somewhat dated in ingredients and execution.

Grade: B+