11-35: Grilled Pacific Halibut

I have never been known for my skills in preparing fish, but this recipe, 11-35: Grilled Pacific Halibut, helped me become a halibut grilling master! ?

Many of the times I failed at cooking fish, I did not marinate the flesh first. Skipping that step definitely makes a difference.

Editor’s note: By the looks of the notations on this card, my mother made this in what looks like July of 1995, although that last digit is difficult to clearly determine–her handwriting has always been a challenge. It might be 1990. She noted that it was “Very Easy” on the back–sounds like Adam may have had a similar experience. 

This was my first time cooking fish in a while and I thought I would mess it up, but this dish came out great.

There are only a few ingredients to this dish, the halibut, some spices, some vinegar, a little oil, and some fresh lemon juice.

Here’s the marinade mix before I combined the ingredients. It looks like a galaxy of flavor to me!

I cut the fish into steaks and poured the marinade on top of the fish.

Keep pouring until the fish is properly covered and then plastic wrap the dish. Stash it in the refrigerator and let it chill for 2 hours.

After 2 hours, the acids and oil have rendered the fish flesh to be tender and delicious. It is time to prepare the grill pan.

The first lesson I learned when cooking fish is you can never grease the pan enough. The second is you can’t get the pan hot enough.

Once the pan is sizzling hot, it is time to put the fish into the pan.

Wait patiently for a few minutes and flip the fish to be treated to the wonderful grill marks.

Voilà! Grilled Pacific Halibut served with brown rice and tartar sauce. The lemon and rosemary garnish really brings the dish together.