6-10: Savory Chicken Wings

“Chicken wings are a longtime American favorite.” Truer words have never been written, editor of Simply Delicious. To complement another recent wing recipe that Jamie made (1-1: Orange-Glazed Chicken Wings), here’s 6-10: Savory Chicken Wings.

I love having chicken wings as both an appetizer and a snack. The editor of Simply Delicious know me too well.

The TIPS section is thoroughly helpful. It is very important to have napkins on hand when eating chicken wings.

Here’s all the ingredients except for the onion. I forgot to put it on the counter.

And here’s the onion.

I started with prepping the Dipping Sauce. First, I chopped the red pepper into cubes.

Next, I chopped the cilantro and the onion.

Next, I combined all three chopped ingredients into a mixing bowl and added the next ingredients.

Sour Cream and Sriracha go into the bowl and everything gets mixed up.

Yummy! This sauce is the…BEST! Super tangy and delicious. Perfect for chicken wings.

To do chicken wings right, you gotta have a good set-up. The method described by Simply Delicious does not include flour.Without using flour to dry the surface before dunking the wing in the egg, the overall wing came out lighter, but the coating didn’t stick as well.

Here’s the chicken wings just after they went into the pan.

Here’s what they look like after a flip and a few minutes in the pan. So golden delicious and brown! Delicious.

Check out the final product with the dipping sauce. These wings made a good appetizer for a spaghetti dinner we had. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a tasty chicken dish. I experimented with the leftover sauce. It was great on pizza, for dipping vegetables, and on a sandwich.