6-33: Lime-Marinated Chicken

Two-packs of whole chickens were on sale at Costco and the other chicken in this pack was used to make 6-20: Rosemary Chicken. This recipe, 6-33: Lime-Marinated Chicken required me to rub a few brain cells together to prepare the chicken as written on the card.

Lime flavor added to anything is a winner with me. Chicken and lime is a great combination, the white wine sauce added a unique twist.

Any other time I cook chicken, I tend to get the cut-up chicken pieces. I only bought those whole chickens because they were on such a good discount.

The ingredients photo shows a bottle of sherry, but I eventually found the bottle of white wine in the back of the fridge and I bought some fresh parsley.

To start, add oil, garlic, and lime juice into the bowl to start the base for the marinade.

Parsley makes the marinade really green!

Just as I went to marinade the chicken, I had a thought, “This needs to go in a plastic bag…What bag can I fit this whole chicken inside of?”

An office sized trash can bag was just the thing I needed. Here’s the chicken inside the bag with the marinade poured on top.

This chicken goes into the refrigerator to marinate overnight.

The next night, I put the chicken into a half hotel pan and I roasted the chicken at 425°F in the oven.

My drumsticks came out a little overdone, but the chicken cooked in 45 minutes this time.

After a quick trip to the store, I had all of the ingredients for the sauce.

Editor’s note: If you like this type of sauce/marinade, read up on chimichurri sauce, which is what this is a stripped-down version of. 

The smell of red onions cooked in butter is one of my favorite smells.

I added way too much flour…This made the sauce a little too thick.

I added the chicken stock and brought the sauce to a boil.

Next the white wine goes into the pan and cooks for 5 minutes.

Half of the sauce goes into the food processor…

…along with a healthy bunch of parsley. Time to turn this into purée and add this mixture back into the pan.

The parsley added flecks of green into the sauce.

Lime peel and salt to taste are added right at the end.

I served this chicken with quinoa and a helping of the white wine sauce.

The chicken was nicely marinated and the white wine sauce added a lot of flavor to an otherwise bland dish. I trimmed the breasts off and served them for dinner and used the rest of the chicken in dishes throughout the week.