3-11: Chicken Rice Soup

I can’t count how many different chicken soups I’ve had in my life, but 3-11: Chicken Rice Soup is the latest version I’ve made from Simply Delicious. For this dish, I picked my own lemons and fresh mint from the garden so this dish had extra meaning to me. ??

I’ve enjoyed a lot of chicken noodle soups, but chicken rice soup is a different experience.

I followed the TIPS section by using frozen chicken thighs. I prefer the dark meat and these pieces are boneless and skinless.

The ingredients for this dish are standard for most chicken soups.

Chicken is easy to chop when slightly thawed. I cut the thigh meat into strips and boiled the strips in water.

When the meat changed color and was cooked through, I skimmed off the fat.

Next, I added the chopped onion and chicken bouillon to the pot and brought the mixture to a boil.

I prepared the garnish of lemon and mint while the soup was cooking.

This photo shows what the mixture looks like after cooking for 30 minutes uncovered. Not very appetizing at this point.

I pulled the chicken out of the pot and strained the broth.

The rice looks extra yellow because it was cooked in the chicken broth. I cooked the rice with the heat set too high and all the liquid cooked off, burning some of the rice in the pan. I added the chicken back into the pot and added some water to create a liquid base for the soup.

The final soup has black bits from two sources: Black pepper and burnt rice. The soup was delicious with a splash of lemon juice and a sprinkling of fresh mint.