13-16: Arabian Moussaka

The first of a few eggplant dishes, 13-16: Arabian Moussaka is the lightest preparation of eggplant that Simply Delicious presents. ?

As the card suggests, this recipe is perfect for lunch or supper.

Using canned chick peas and canned tomatoes really did cut down the preparation time.

The ingredients are really simple and I already had an open can of chick peas stored in the fridge.

When you can’t find a dish large enough to fit all your eggplant in, use 2 dishes! ? I couldn’t find a large rectangle dish that was clean, so I split the preparation into two ovenproof containers.

Onions were sautéed and added on top of the eggplant, but I didn’t take photos of those steps. After the layer of eggplant, I added a layer of chick peas.

Next I added a layer of tomatoes. The layers in the front are in focus, the tomatoes in the back not so much. ? #blurrytomatoes  Topped off with salt and pepper and olive oil, ready to go in the oven.

This dish was baked in the toaster oven. Baking in a toaster oven helps you to not heat up the whole house during the hot, summer California afternoons. ☀

This is my final shot of the recipe. I ate it out of these containers during various points of the week. It heats up well, but is also good served cold. Using a slice of pita bread as a scoop or with fingers is the way this dish is traditionally eaten. The eggplant becomes tender and delicious when baked. This method of preparation may be my favorite.