16-4: Blueberry Pie

The photo of the pie for this recipe, 16-4: Blueberry Pie is epic. The peasant blueberry picker doll in the background is a great departure from most of the photos in Simply Delicious. ? We bought a case of blueberries during a trip to the market because they looked super fresh. I was going to make blueberry muffins, but after flipping through the recipes, this seemed like the best choice.

The whipped cream in the receptacle looks great. Check out how they used the pie in the background as well as in the center of the photo. The blueberries scattered on the table and the baby’s breath everywhere makes this photo extra fancy. ?

I’ve made a few pies in my day. I actually prefer cherry pies, including the song, but it was fun to make my first blueberry pie.

The ingredient shot, also featuring the tart pan suggested in the photo.

Jamie suggested to make the crust in the food processor. She has made many pie crusts in there, so I followed her advice. Here I put the flour, sugar and baking powder into the bowl.

After a quick pulse, I added the butter. I chopped the butter into 1/2 TBSP sized pieces so the butter would distribute evenly throughout the crust.

Separating eggs is a skill I’ve practiced a lot lately. Here is the egg yolk added into the mixture. I ran the food processor until the dough ball comes off the sides of the bowl on it’s own.

Following the directions, I put the ball between two pieces of wax paper and rolled it out. The recipe calls for an 8 inch pie pan and I only had a 10 inch pie pan.

I spread the crust out into the pan, but there were some thin spots. Because of the pan being larger than anticipated, I had to save as much dough as possible for topping the pie.

Next, I added the blueberries into the shell and top it all off with sugar.

With what little dough I had left, I covered the blueberry filling just enough to cover most of the radius of the pie.

The warm pie fresh out of the oven with a golden brown crust. ? Flavor Explosion! Blueberries baked into a pie burst into delicious pools of tasty goodness.  ?

A pizza pan can serve as a good tray to transport a 10 inch blueberry pie. I served this pie with a slice of vanilla ice cream for my father-in-law’s birthday. It was well received