13-7: Falafel

I do enjoy getting falafel when I go out to a Middle-Eastern restaurant. It’s much easier to cook them when you have a deep fryer. In the past, I have pan-fried some falafel, but it tastes the best when it is crispy and fried. Since we happened to be borrowing a deep-fryer, I made 13-7: Falafel.

I didn’t have any pita on hand, so I served the balls with a spicy dipping sauce instead of in the traditional pita pocket.

I had prepared tahini that comes in a jar, so I ignored the part of the recipe about making the sauce and focused exclusively on making the Simply Delicious version of falafel balls.

The ingredients displayed on the counter. The wheat germ was the hardest to find ingredient of this recipe.

Dump the ingredients into the food processor and start pulsing.

I took the food processor bowl and put it in the fridge when the mixture reached this consistency.

Turn on the fryer and heat up the oil. Drop a falafel ball into the oil and leave it alone for about 2 minutes. With my fryer, I had to roll the ball around to separate it from the basket before the batter fused to the mesh.

Here’s some of the first batch of falafel. I left them in to get a little darker and crunchier.

The final product served with a side of tahini on a bed of lettuce. Jamie and I really liked these falafel. I think we ate almost the entire batch in one sitting.