7-34: Grilled Pork Slices with Garlic

Since the last entry was a garlic & beef entry (8-20: Juicy Steak with Garlic Topping), here’s another garlic recipe for you, this time with pork: 7-34: Grilled Pork Slices with Garlic. I used a cast-iron grill pan for this, but you could use a BBQ or even just do a pan-sear if that’s what you’ve got.

This is some serious garlic game–whole cloves, in fact. But they’re right–blanching them does make them pretty mild and yummy. If you’re willing to risk some garlic breath, this recipe is a pretty decent one to check out.

I don’t think I’ve ever made this one, but there is a mysterious sauce spot on it and I scanned these before I cooked the recipe. Probably collateral damage from some other culinary endeavor.

Ingredients. I actually had grilling oil, and it was even garlic-flavored. I don’t usually buy things like those, but I can’t resist the hidden treasures of the clearance/manager’s special shelf at the market.

Since the pork was already in a bag, I just added some of the garlic oil to it and let it chill on the counter for 30 minutes or so.

Zesting my lemon with my grater–these type are SUPER sharp.

Lemon butter parsley mixture.

Popping garlic bulbs by pressing on the top with the broad side of the knife. Same method works to help peel the cloves as well.

Grilling my oil-coated pork in my oil-coated cast-iron grill pan. You can avoid smoking up your kitchen by doing a sear on each side of the pork (to get those nice lines) and then doing the rest of the cooking in a preheated 350ºF oven.

One of the multiple garlic blanches.

Sautéeing in more of the garlic grilling oil (instead of the olive oil). HAVE SOME GARLIC.

Getting some color on the cloves. There was another picture here of the broth being added, but it was blurry, so just imagine it.

Pork chops after grilling. Not terrible for being cooked indoors.

Sliced & fanned. It took me SO LONG to get good (and fast) at it for topping salads, I can’t resist practicing when I get the chance.

Threw the slices back into the broth for a minute to get a bit more color/flavor on them, but it makes it harder to see the grill marks now. Oh well. Topped it with some pasta tossed in the lemon butter (as opposed to dotting the pork with the butter) and some of the cloves. All in all, a pretty good dish.

Grade: A-