8-5: Beef Stew Provençale

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Beef Stew – Another classic recipe that Simply Delicious cannot get quite right. This dish tastes delicious, but isn’t quite what I would consider a beef stew. It’s almost like a simple Boeuf Bourguignon.

I used a slow cooker instead of the oven for cooking this dish. I apologize that some of the photos are blurry from trying to shoot down into that very slow cooker. Without any other photos in focus, I chose to display some of them in this post just for posterity.

With how thin I cut the beef, I knew it would be cooked to perfection by the time the stew was complete.

A shot of the ingredients and on the right side, the slow cooker. The dented olive can didn’t give anyone food poisoning, so all was good.

Some thinly sliced beef.

With the hot oil and butter in the pan, I added the thin beef strips to skillet. Cook the beef until the outside is browned and crunchy.

After I chopped the vegetables and garlic, the bottom of the slow cooker filled up quickly. I tossed in the beef and the garlic and started the pot on high.

Next I added the olives, bay leaves, and red wine to the slow cooker.

Finally, I added the tomatoes into the (admittedly blurry) slow cooker and stirred everything up. I let the beef stew (the style of cooking from which the dish got the name) for a few hours and toasted some bread to serve along with the dish.

The final dish is a nice, rustic stew dish. I served it with some toasted French bread and the wine flavor really permeated the dish.