14-25: Crêpes with Fruity Filling

14-25: Crêpes with Fruity Filling is only the second recipe I’ve covered for Group 14: Hot Desserts, but it’s the third total crêpe recipe that I’ve tried from the book (the others being 5-22: Crêpes with Chicken and 5-24: Meat-Filled Crêpes) so far. Those two previous recipes were savory–this one is sweet.

This recipe is suggested for dessert, but I think you could have it for breakfast (or even lunch) if you wanted. If you don’t like the fruit they suggest, you can substitute your own or whatever is local/in season. ???

This crêpe recipe differs slightly from the others covered so far in that it incorporates powdered sugar into the batter–makes sense since this is a sweet dessert dish. Other than that, it’s essentially the same process, with a fruity filling instead of meat and/or cheese.

Ingredients. Used lactose-free milk, and chose fresh strawberries, canned cherries, and canned pineapple for my fruit. I also have lactose-free sour cream instead of crème fraîche.

Rinsed strawberries against a too-red-backdrop/colander.

Pineapple & cherries in my saucepan.

Whipped up my crêpe batter.

Cooking my fruit with some sugar on the stovetop.

The first crêpe is never pretty, that’s why it’s for the dog.

I can do better than that.

Here’s a better crêpe, with some sugary warmed fruit filling on top.

After rolling and dolloping with sour cream (but forgetting to sprinkle with brown sugar). It was fruity and sweet, and not a bad fancy breakfast/dessert option.

Grade: A-