17-34: Honey White Bread

Here’s yet another white bread recipe for you–Simply Delicious has already covered this territory pretty well with 17-6: Best Ever White Bread and 17-10: Poppy Seed Bread17-6: Honey White Bread is probably more comparable to traditional white store-bought bread (think Wonder Bread) than the other entries thanks to the sweetness added by the honey.?

I’d consider this more of a “breakfast” bread than a sandwich bread, but YMMV.

I put off making this bread for a long time because I never have dry milk. I finally decided that a recipe calling for a cup of water and 2 tbsp of dry milk could probably be made about the same way by substituting both for a cup or so of regular milk.

Ingredients. Aforementioned milk substituted for water and dry milk.

Heated the milk up to the water’s suggested temperature (thermometer as proof) and used that to bloom the yeast. Blooming modern yeast isn’t really necessary, but isn’t harmful as long as you don’t use water that’s too hot.

Yeast waking up.

After standing, and now bubbling.

Added in the flour and made up the dough.

Greased the bowl and set the dough in to rise.

Rolled the dough ball around in the greased bowl to evenly coat both.

Compare this to the picture above–this dough has definitely more than doubled in size. Most of this is air–it’ll deflate a bit after being punched down.

Used a 1/3 2″ hotel pan as a loaf pan. I have some old rusty traditional loaf pans, but these are just so much easier (and less rusty). Set aside again to proof.

After proofing. Notice how in the above picture, you can see the inside of the pan? No longer. Scored the top and put it in to bake.

After baking. Looks pretty nice, and it slid easily out of the pan.

A bit more compacted than I would have liked, but otherwise a handsome loaf.

Internal crumb shot. Not bad, but still a bit dense for sandwiches. Toast this with some butter and jam as suggested for a nice breakfast.

Grade: A-