9-26: Crispy Beef Turnovers

As I said in 13-13: Spinach Turnovers, the holiday season is upon us and therefore, you’ll need some recipes for dishes to take with you to a party, or at least to snack on while you binge-watch Netflix. 9-26: Crispy Beef Turnovers are the heartier, meatier companion to their spinach and crab brothers.

These are remarkably similar in execution to 13-13: Spinach Turnovers, so I suggest cooking the two at the same time if you want to add some variety to your dish. However, these are mighty tasty, and stand just fine on their own as well. If you have access to a deep-fryer, consider 1-7: Trader Vic’s Crab Turnovers for a crispy, Polynesian-inspired third option.

Basically, you’re making a different filling, but the method is the same. Both are baked puff pastry squares, using egg wash and everything. Never made them before, but I’d definitely do it again.

Ingredients. I even had the Chinese (dark) soy sauce, a dollar store find. I think everything was legit on this one–maybe that’s why it turned out so well.

Right after I threw all the bean sprouts in on top of the other veggies, I realized they weren’t supposed to be added yet. Read the recipe thoroughly, and don’t mess up like I did or you’ll be wasting time picking bean sprouts back out.

Veggies cooking with the meat. There’s still an errant bean sprout or two in there.

Mixture after all other ingredients were added in. That dark soy sauce isn’t fooling around.

Copy of the pic used for 13-13: Spinach Turnovers. It was basically the same process.

Final product after they came out of the oven. I was lax on taking pics–things were getting hairy with a lot of dishes at once. Take it from me and the guests at the party I took these to–they’re delish. With these and 13-13: Spinach Turnovers, you’ll please both the vegetarians and the meat-eaters.

Grade: A