4-22: Zucchini Pancakes

In 13-10: Zucchini Piccata, I had mentioned that I ended up with more zucchini than I could use in that recipe. Here’s what I did with the rest: I made 4-22: Zucchini Pancakes. I’ve made recipes similar to this before, but this one’s pretty standard.

4-22 Zucchini Pancakes

These things are pretty good even if you’re not that into vegetables. Think of it as a healthier version of 4-17: Crispy Potato Pancakes.

4-22 Zucchini Pancakes1

No idea if my mom made these, but like I said, I’ve made similar recipes in the past. You’ve made one shredded zucchini pancake, you’ve made them all.

IMG_0973 (1)

Ingredients. Zucchini was pre-sliced for 13-10: Zucchini Piccata, which was okay for shredding, but not great. Subbed flour for cornstarch, because for some reason I’m having a hell of a time finding it in the stores I’ve been in (when I remember to look).

IMG_0974 (1)

Some of it stayed a bit chunky after I ran it through the food processor, but I left it that way so that you’d get chunks here and there in the pancake.

IMG_0976 (1)

Egg in the measuring cup. No idea why, that’s just my default container for mixing egg in.

IMG_0977 (1)

The “zucchini mixture” with all of the mustard and everything else.

IMG_0978 (1)

Butter sliding around a pan always makes me think of Cooking Mama.

IMG_0982 (1)

Getting that nice golden color on them. In my opinion, the crispier the better–I don’t like soggy zucchini pancakes.

IMG_0983 (1)

Final product, topped with a bit of the sauce from 13-10: Zucchini Piccata. Think of them as the same recipe done two different ways.

Grade: A