6-8: Curried Chicken

It’s been a while, my friends–life gets in the way, sometimes. But, we must still eat, which means we must still cook (when you get tired of ordering out). Get ready for a trio of chicken recipes, starting with 6-8: Curried Chicken.

I actually made this in tandem with 6-24: Mushroom-Almond Chicken, as I had a LOT of chicken that night. Both recipes are from Book 1, Group 2: Main Courses. Subgroup 6 is Poultry & Game, so there’s some turkey and duck recipes scattered in with a multitude of chicken recipes.

Let’s dive into some Main Course recipes–you don’t win friends with salad.

As you can see, this one has a lot of marks and splatters on it (and a failed writing attempt–these cards are hard to write on), so it’s been cooked before. I don’t remember when, but guessing from my messed up “12” on the side, I’m going to guess probably around the holidays sometime about 6-7 years ago. This should serve as foreshadowing that this dish isn’t that memorable.

I originally cooked this recipe (along with 6-24: Mushroom-Almond Chicken) on April 25th, but it took me a while to pull the pics off the camera and put the posts together.

Pretty simple ingredients–don’t think I made many substitutions. The only difference is that I used pre-cut chicken parts (instead of breaking down my own chicken) and that the parts were all thighs. Chicken’s not pictured, it was already cooking by the time I took this shot.

In terms of the recipe itself, I don’t think that made much of a difference–it was more of a personal preference thing. Giant container in the back is homemade chicken stock–it’s not pretty, but it’s mighty delicious.

Browned 8 thighs–4 for this recipe, 4 for 6-24: Mushroom-Almond Chicken. Placed them in my seen-better-days cast-iron Dutch oven.

Massive amount of onion sautéed with some curry powder. This was done in the pan that I browned all the chicken in. I was supposed to use that pan for the mushrooms as well for the other recipe–but I had to make a choice. Which dish was going to get the unsullied chicken goodness? Both recipes had pretty distinctive flavors that probably shouldn’t be mixed. I chose the curry, so the mushrooms got cooked in just some plain butter.

Added the soft onions on top of the waiting chicken. Steamy.

Flour and salt added. This whole thing is getting a bit dry-looking, we need some liquid.

Chicken stock saves the day. Looks…thick. Yum.

Now you got a stew going!

Not only a stew, we’ve got a lot of things going. All 4 burners were working hard–cooking multiple recipes simultaneously can be tricky.

The final results.

On the left: 6-8: Curried Chicken (this recipe)

On the right: 6-24: Mushroom-Almond Chicken 

The verdict: Curried Chicken looks more appealing (the mauve-colored sauce is a real detraction), but Mushroom-Almond Chicken was more intriguing in terms of flavor. Curried Chicken was good, but a bit bland for my tastes, especially compared to real Indian/Thai/etc. curried dishes. I would have liked more spice and a creamier sauce.

Grade: B