9-2: Mexican Fiesta

9-2: Mexican Fiesta sounds exciting, but it’s really just poorly layered nachos. I know that they were trying to make it seem like a casserole, but all the good stuff that goes in tacos/nachos is basically layered in a pan and covered wth a layer of chips on top–I think you eat it like a dip? 🌮

9-2 Mexican Fiesta
I like the touch of the Corona with a lime in the background of their picture, like all of a sudden that makes it a party. I can’t think of too many decent Mexican places that would serve something like this, but if you want something festive yet inoffensive for a party or a lengthy Netflix session, I suppose this recipe could get the job done. 🌶

9-2 Mexican Fiesta1
I’ve mentioned before that I make food for other people sometimes, and this was one of those times. I was already making some beef and cheese tacos in my borrowed deep fryer, so I thought I’d take some of the extra meat and cheese that I had for the tacos and knock out a recipe while I was at it.

Ingredients. I think by “nachos” they meant tortilla chips, so that’s what we’re going with. My pinto beans aren’t in tomato sauce, but I think it’ll be okay. For “Mexican spice mixture”, we’re going with my home blend chili powder, which is similar to what you’d put in a chili or taco meat. Not pictured here: tiny jar of pimento.

Chopped & sautéed onions.

Starting to brown the meat.

After the meat cooks down and starts to get juicy.

IMG_3915Slicing some black olives.

I like to let my meat cook in the fat, it gets extra crispy and flavorful. My food recipient is totally okay with that, so I let it ride.

Beans with liquid.

Added to the at-this-point-very-crispy meat.

Actually even had pimento for this one, which seems like an somewhat outdated ingredient these days.

Added some tomato sauce to make up for the lack of sauce in the beans.

After letting it all simmer together for a while–it’s basically chili.

Layered on the cheese and olives–I’m doing this in a foil pan since it’s being given away to someone else.

Final view before I covered it in foil–I wrote on top directions for cooking this, since I figured it would taste much better if they did the final broil/heat, a manageable task. I left the cheese in strips so that it would cover evenly. I think it tasted good–I actually never got a review on that one from them. If I were eating it, I’d probably enjoy it–I sampled a bit here and there along the way. 🇲🇽

Grade: A-

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