12-40: Spinach Pasta with Mushrooms

Pasta with sauce is the most basic style of dish that Simply Delicious teaches a novice chef to cook. 12-40: Spinach Pasta with Mushrooms is appropriately classified as “Easy“.

Mustard-scented sauce is a recent addition to my diet, but it is one of my favorite additions. Dijon mustard is used in a lot of Simply Delicious sauces and it adds a tangy quality to the sauce that cannot be beat.

This dish was easy enough to whip up quickly on a weeknight, the perfect kind of recipe for me.

Just a few ingredients. I started the water boiling for the pasta while I chopped the mushrooms.

The chopped mushrooms are cooked until tender crisp, acting as the chewy, meaty portion of the dish. The sauce is beginning to come together with the mustard and milk in lieu of cream.

Add the spinach pasta to the boiling water and watch the green strings dance in the water.

Top the spinach pasta with the mushroom sauce and enjoy! What a nice, flavorful dish that is vegetarian and can be enjoyed by the whole family.