11-7: Grilled Red Snapper

Although I thoroughly enjoy eating fish, I don’t have a ton of experience in cooking fish. My father used to grill large-mouth bass that we caught on our summer fishing trips. This recipe, 11-7: Grilled Red Snapper definitely took me back to those times. ?

The recipe calls for Red Snapper, but I used the same technique with some Pacific Rockfish that we had on hand.

I was nervous to cook fish because I have heard from Jamie that fish is finicky or hard to work with. I found this marinated fish cooked nicely and easily.

The obligatory ingredient shot.

I mixed the marinade in the glass bowl and transferred the fish to a plastic bag.

I mixed up the fish broth, and gathered the ingredients for the leek topping.

The wine, soy sauce, sambal, and fish broth was all dumped into the pot.

Leeks are chopped and washed and ready to go into the pot.

The leek in the stock pot.

I liberally greased the grill pan and put the fish on the hot pan. Following the directions, I flipped the fish after two minutes and was greeted by these wonderful grill marks.

On the final plate, I served the fish with a side of rice medley. The leek turned a weird purple color from the red wine. The fish came out with a light, flaky texture. Both Jamie and I really enjoyed it. If it wasn’t so much work, I’d eat fish more often.