13-5: Onion Focaccia

Jamie made this dish previously, without documenting the process, and I really enjoyed the bread. I took a shot at making this dish to practice using yeast to make a dough.

My final dish was not circular like a pizza, it was easier to flatten the dough into a square like a flatbread.

This recipe wasn’t too difficult, it just took a while because of the rise time.

The ingredients were fairly simple for this recipe.

Using the mandoline is the quickest way to slice onions so they come out consistently. The red onion juice stains really quickly as you can see on the holder piece.

I like the depth of field effect I got on the chopped green onion in this shot.

This recipe gave me another great chance at enhancing my knife skills. I can chop faster and cleaner than I ever could before.

To start the dough, I mixed the yeast, sugar, and salt. Next I added water and let the yeast percolate for a bit.

I added flour and kneaded the dough, but honestly, it looks gross up until this point, so I took this photo after I cleaned my hands. While this dough is rising, I cooked down the onions and garlic for the topping.

Sizzling red and green onions, along with garlic, smell so good. The house smelled like this all night.

Jamie told me that the easiest method for punching down dough is to do it directly on a sheet pan.

The onions got dark and soft and I left them on the heat a little too long.

I laid out the onion mix onto the dough and used an egg wash on top.

Check out that golden brown crust.

This bread is great on it’s own, but I really kicked it up another level by putting a dollop of pesto chicken salad on top.

Grade: A