7-27: Pork Tenderloin in Creamy Sauce

I had mentioned in 7-36: Pork Tenderloin with Curry Sauce that I had an abundance of pork tenderloin due to a Costco sale. As I work my way through the freezer (mostly because I keep adding new things into it), I find myself with another pork tenderloin–this time, we’ll try it as 7-27: Pork Tenderloin in Creamy Sauce.

There’s not a HUGE difference conceptually between this one and 7-36: Pork Tenderloin with Curry Sauce–the major differences are just spices & condiments added to the final sauce. Otherwise, this is another perfectly serviceable weeknight dinner option, or even a decent meal for entertaining.

There’s not a lot to this one–it’s essentially brown/cook the meat, deglaze the pan with some broth & cream, and pour that over the meat. Simply Delicious suggests serving it with rice or potatoes, but I think I’m gonna go with some long-neglected egg noodles hanging out in my pantry.

Ingredients. No straight chicken broth on hand, so I’ll use chicken bouillon (like usual). I used to make stock from saved roasted chicken bones, but ever since we moved into a place with a smaller freezer, I’ve had to forego saving up bones and making stock. Cream is in the measuring cup on the left–I had thrown out the container before remembering to take a picture.

Pressed tenderloin pieces on the left, unpressed on the right. Tenderloin is really easy to press by hand–it’s super soft.

Salted & peppered. I decided to leave the mustard until making the sauce–it seemed easier/cleaner that way.

Pan-frying in melted butter. I had to do it in batches–this is about half of the slices.

Flipped after a few minutes so that they can get some color. These are thin, so they cook pretty quickly.

After cooking the pork, I put the pieces to the side and added the sauce components to the pan. The powder on the side is chicken bouillon–I figured I’d skip a step. I didn’t realize until later I forgot to add a bit of water to count as “broth”–that might be why it came out a bit salty.

I put all the pork pieces back in once I created the sauce to let them cook for a minute or two in the sauce itself.

Final plate. Like I said, it came out a bit salty because I forgot to hit it with a bit of water when making the sauce, but otherwise, it wasn’t bad. Nothing exciting, but definitely ok for a weeknight dinner.

Grade: B+