8-40: Lemony Beef

Back from the dead, or so it would seem.

I took a break from cooking for the internet to cook in real life–I’ve gotten a job cooking at a craft brewery/restaurant 3-5 days a week. Cooking at home isn’t always the most exciting thing when you do it for a living, but it IS good practice, so I vow to carry on.

I’ve still been doing a few recipes here and there during my hiatus. Let’s get back into it. I can’t promise consistency, but I’ll do my best.

One of the last recipes I made in our interim/summer kitchen was 8-40: Lemony Beef. It was both lemony and beefy. ?

This one was pretty quick and easy, and elicited remarks from hungry passerby in the house who were not partaking in the meal. It sounds strange, but it works pretty well.

I don’t remember exactly what cut of beef I used for this, but it was a pretty cheap sirloin cut. Flank steak or something similar would also work well, and would cook even faster.

Ingredients. Had to used dried (super-old) parsley flakes, as we didn’t have any fresh in the house or garden.

Forgot to include the onion in the ingredients shot. I like to dice my onions where you use the root/stem to hold it together while you cut–I learned it from one of the TV chefs. Note that the cuts go almost to the end, but not quite. Cut the end off AFTER you’ve done all your other cuts.

Took my larger piece of sirloin/whatever and cut it down into smaller chunky pieces. This lets it get a better sear and makes it easier to cook/manipulate.

Garlic/dijon/pepper/lemon juice mixture. My suggestion: get a coffee/spice grinder and keep some pepper fresh ground in a container for use while cooking. I’ve adopted that practice from my month or so working in a professional kitchen, and I really notice a big difference as opposed to using pre-ground or struggling with a table grinder over a steaming pot.

Cooks well, but it’s tough to keep your butter from burning.

Towards the end of cooking. Makes a nice sauce that would go well with some potatoes or veggies along with your beef.

Final product. We had it along with some WAY-overcooked sweet potato fries. However, the lemon-butter sauce that I mentioned before made the burned fries a bit better.

Grade: A-