15-49: Chocolate Pudding Deluxe

The other of two desserts that I made for this year’s Thanksgiving (TGV 2016) was 15-49: Chocolate Pudding Deluxe (the first was 16-52: Apple Nut Saucepan Torte). With my family, it’s REQUIRED that there be a chocolate dessert option when having a big dinner, so I decided to give this one a whirl–I thought it’d be a nice contrast of flavors and textures when compared to the other options (the aforementioned torte and a pumpkin pie my mom made). 🍫

15-49-chocolate-pudding-deluxeThis was the third dish I made, continuing the Wednesday 11/23 portion of my holiday cooking marathon. Since the pudding needed to chill, I thought letting it rest in the fridge overnight would give it the best chance of holding together when served the next day. 🍮

Other dishes I made on this night (Wed. 11/23): the dressing for 1-10: Seafood Louisiana Cocktail, cranberry sauce, 16-52: Apple Nut Saucepan Torte, and a roasted garlic & herb butter to serve with 17-5: Hot Seedy Rolls.

15-49-chocolate-pudding-deluxe1This was a tricky dish to try to make lactose-free–milk isn’t a problem, but there’s really no good solution for LF whipped cream. I could have gotten one of the non-dairy substitutes from the market, but I didn’t plan well for that ahead of time, and just tried to make do with what I had.

img_5263Ingredients. I went with raspberries and blackberries for my garnishing fruits, and Grand Marnier for my dark rum/OJ concentrate option (which is what THEY show in their picture). I had LF half-and-half, and decided to make a whipped cream attempt with that. Unfortunately, nothing worked that well, and I ended up putting the half-and-half in as-is, which is why they might have been a bit runny in texture.

img_5264Stiffened the gelatin with water.

img_5265Heated up some of the morning’s leftover coffee to add to the gelatin.

img_5266 Separated the eggs.

img_5267 Combined the eggs and sugar in the stand mixer.

img_5268 Melted the chocolate (without grating, because I’m lazy) in the milk.

img_5269 Combined the two mixtures into the stand mixer bowl for easier mixing.

img_5270 Poured the mixture back into the saucepan and heated it while whisking.

img_5271 Washed out the mixer bowl and whipped the egg whites to stiff peaks. The true test? Hold it upside down–if nothing moves, your whites are ready.

img_5272 Folded the meringue slowly into the chocolate mixture.

img_5273 Filled a mini cake pan instead of a large cake pan with the pudding–I think these could be cool individual servings if it works out.

img_5277 Filled each up and placed it in the fridge overnight to stiffen and cool. Fingers crossed…

img_5359Not the best, but not the worst either. The texture was a bit runny (probably due to warm conditions and lack of whipped cream), but the taste wasn’t bad. With some fresh berries and some vanilla ice cream and/or whipped cream, it made a decent chocolate dessert.

Grade: A-

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