11-21: Baked Whitefish with Shrimp

Here’s 11-21: Baked Whitefish with ShrimpSimply Delicious is big on fish and cheese together. We’ve seen that combination already with 11-21: Best Ever Sole Au Gratin and 11-4: Calzone with Seafood.

You don’t see too many creamy, cheesy baked fish recipes these days, do you? ?

It may be tough to find something specifically labeled “whitefish” in your market–it’s more of a generic term for similar types of fish like cod, haddock, or pollock. The term “rockfish” is similar–it’s for fish that hide among rocks.

Ingredients. I have some rockfish from Costco (a leaner choice than the whitefish), milk for whipping cream, and some Cheddar Jack instead of the Provolone/Mozzarella cheese combo.

Melted butter in the microwave to put into this 1/3 pan, which I’m using as my “shallow baking dish”.

The rockfish filets were in long and weird shapes, but all boneless. I cut them into pieces more appropriately sized for the pan/eating.

Turns out that 1/3 pan was way too small for all those fish pieces (without stacking them), so I sized up to a 1/2 pan (sizes refer to how much of a full-sized hotel pan they take up–it’s a restaurant thing).

Took the ends off the shrimp.

Shrimp mixed in with the pre-baked rockfish filets. Notice how opaque they are compared to a few pictures back when they were raw? That’s how you know fish is done.

Not as pretty with the cream/milk poured on top.

Sprinkled it with cheese, but felt (like with 11-4: Calzone with Seafood) that this was going to be REALLY bland. I decided to intervene ahead of time in this instance and add some Old Bay seasoning on top to perk it up. ?

After a trip through the broiler.

Sprinkled it with the suggested parsley. It’s nice-looking, but it doesn’t really give you a good enough idea of what’s going on inside.

Final plate, garnished with some lemon slices instead of the suggested lemon wedges.

If I had used whipping cream instead of milk, the sauce would have been thicker and stayed together better, but whipping cream just always feels really indulgent and extra.

Fish and cream/cheese are not my thing (except for crab rangoons), but it wasn’t terrible.

Grade: B+