5-5: Individual Ham Quiches

I wasn’t about to go out and buy mini quiche pans just to cook 5-5: Individual Ham Quiches. Taking the alternative route, I made this dish as one, full-sized quiche.

I believe the card puts it best. At this point I’m not quite “fortunate enough to own small oven-proof quiche pans,” so a full-sized pie pan will do. If you use a foil pie pan, there is a lot less cleanup when the quiche is done, just toss the foil pan in the recycling. ♻

“Always add the extra cheese!” Great advice I got from Jamie while I was preparing this recipe.

The ingredients are all here except for the cheese which was a last minute addition. ☑

All of the dry ingredients in the food processor, just after I mixed it all up.

Time to add an egg yolk and half-and-half and mix until the dough forms.

Check out that dough ball. ⏺

Chop, chop, chop the ingredients…lots of ham and green onion.  These go into the pan with some butter to instill some great flavor. I skipped the step of putting the dough into the pie pan. You’ve seen that step in all the other quiches and pies I’ve cooked before.

The filling stage. Pour in the egg mixture on top of the sauteed ham and green onion. At the last minute, after I put the quiche in the oven, I got the feeling that my quiche looked a little naked. Jamie reminded me to add some cheese.

It looks more complete after a sprinkle of shredded cheese. Time to bake for 30 minutes.

Wow! Check out that crust. The dough turned a nice golden brown and the filling turned a lovely shade of burnt umber and orange.

The final slice of quiche looks wonderful on the plate. It was fun to practice my plating skills, squirts of sriracha can do a lot for the aesthetic of the plate.