5-7: Quiche Lorraine

5-7: Quiche Lorraine

This was supposed to be 5-24: Meat-Filled Crêpes, but ingredient shortages persist. A trip to the market tomorrow should resolve it, but for now, we’ll have to make do with an old classic, 5-7: Quiche Lorraine.

5-7 Quiche Lorraine

This one I have made in the past, several times. Two past memorable occasions:

– When my boyfriend (now husband) and I officially moved into our first apartment together a few years ago, we threw a 1970s-themed housewarming party. This along with another quiche, some rumaki, fondue, and other 1970s goodness made up the menu.

– When I was in 7th grade, I had some project on France/French culture in my English class (I have no idea why). My project partner and I made this recipe at her house and bought a Celine Dion CD (where she sings in French) to play while the class ate our quiche. I think her mom returned the CD to Target the next day. That was our attempt at French culture. 🇫🇷

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