4-30: Cheese-Stuffed Potato Croquettes

This one…was challenging. And it seemed so simple! 4-30: Cheese-Stuffed Potato Croquettes are essentially mozzarella sticks with a mashed potato/panko coating. These turned from a quick snack into a multi-day attempt.

Now, before I scare you off this recipe–it was 100% my fault it went south. I tried to improvise in several places, and it proved to be my downfall each time. Sometimes you can take liberties, and sometimes you can’t.

Here’s how you learn those lessons.

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5-12: Deviled Eggs

5-12: Deviled Eggs is somewhat different take on a pretty traditional dish. Deviled eggs are very commonplace in American cuisine, and there are varying reasons for the name.

Deviled eggs (to me) usually have mustard and mayo mixed with the yolks, and some paprika sprinkled on top. These eggs have NONE of those things (except the egg parts).

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16-47: Orange-Almond Pie

It’s feeling a bit unbalanced around here–we need more from the back of the book. Here’s one from a brand new group: Pies & Cakes. Just in time for the cooler weather, we have 16-47: Orange-Almond Pie. 

I’ve been teasing this one on my Instagram and other places for a few days–it came out really well, it tasted great, and you can make it in a toaster oven!

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4-22: Zucchini Pancakes

In 13-10: Zucchini Piccata, I had mentioned that I ended up with more zucchini than I could use in that recipe. Here’s what I did with the rest–I made Zucchini Pancakes. I’ve made recipes similar to this before, but this one’s pretty standard.

These things are pretty good even if you’re not that into vegetables. Think of it as a healthier version of 4-17: Crispy Potato Pancakes.

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12-7: Fettuccini with Creamy Chicken

Here’s a recipe I’ve actually made before–it’s been a while since we’ve seen one of those. When I was about 8 or 9, my mom decided that she, my dad, and I were going to take turns making dinner each week. One of the recipes I actually planned for and made (before this grand plan inevitably fell apart) was this one: Fettuccini with Creamy Chicken.

I probably was drawn to this one because my favorite meal as a kid was fettuccini Alfredo, and this one seems relatively similar (to an 9-year old). I also remember being fascinated with the fact that I got to use alcohol in something.

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4-8: Roasted Peppers with Dressing

Making 4-8: Roasted Peppers with Dressing arose more out of a need to use up peppers more so than a desire to eat the recipe itself. However, that being said–it wasn’t terrible.

The recipe card uses multi-colored peppers, and I used monochromatic ones. While the taste doesn’t vary much, the more colors you use, the more visually appealing it may be.

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7-50: Parma Schnitzel

Schnitzel has been a favorite of mine ever since I went on a family trip to Israel when I was 13. Obviously, they didn’t serve a lot of pork schnitzel there, but 7-50: Parma Schnitzel is a good version all the same.

This is an quasi-Italian-style schnitzel, which according to Wikipedia, is one of the few countries that schnitzel is not a cuisine of. Well, this one’s good anyway.

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3-8: Gazpacho

First of all, ANY mention of 3-8: Gazpacho must immediately be followed with a reference to this episode of the Simpsons.

It’s tomato soup served ICE cold!”

Yes, Lisa. Yes it is. 🍅

It was the end of summer and we had a ton of tomatoes. It’s a winning combination. 🏆

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9-44: Wok-Fried Beef Patties

There’s not a lot of NEW options when it comes to ground meat. Tacos, stroganoff, lasagna, burgers, meatloaf, etc. This one isn’t exactly new either, but hey–we can always use another ground meat recipe.

Even Simply Delicious knows they aren’t treading on new ground here. However, here’s the one warning about working with a wok: have a HOT stove. If you don’t–woks don’t work so well.

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13-10: Zucchini Piccata

If you still have any zucchini or tomatoes lying around from a late summer harvest, this is a great vegetarian recipe to use those up. 🍅

Also note the new background: my first entry from my new (hopefully somewhat permanent) kitchen. 🙂

I styled mine in more of a fried zucchini-appetizer way, but the casserole way works too.

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